Christmas illustration with Reindeer, Owl and Ladybug by Alyona Shilina

Funny Reindeer illustrations

I have discovered a large collection of drawn reindeer!

This one is new one! I drew it yesterday!

Watercolor Christmas reindeer illustration by Alyona Shilina

This one I drew in 2020:


Reindeer drawing by Alyona Shilina

And this one from 2019:

Reindeer and funny birds illustration

This one from 2017:

Deet and funny owl drawing watercolor

And this one from 2016:

Magic Christmas Reindeer illustration by Alyona Shilina

And I found another illustration on the theme of Reindeer! It's 2015! I didn't know how to paint with watercolors then))) This drawing is done in pastel!

Reindeer pastel drawing by Alyona Shilina

Do you see my drawing progress?

Which one do you like more???


I love them all. Each on is unique in it’s own way.❤️❤️


That’s great!!! All of them!


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