Funny drawing with cat and pumpkin by Alyona Shilina

Happy Halloween)))

My Halloween illustrations)))

This one is new one!
I finished this drawing yesterday!
What's going on here?... I don't know)))

Funny kitten halloween drawing
The most horrible story...

Funny pumpkins drawing by Alyona Shilina

Cats and Ladybug

Cats and pumpkin drawing by Alyona Shilina

This one is from 2019. Do you see my progress???

Black cats, pumpkins and mouse drawing by Alyona Shilina

And I found some more illustrations from 2016!

This ginger cat was my first and favorite watercolor character! His name is Philemon (Filimon)! He is fat, fluffy, cowardly and very naughty)))

Happy Halloween funny illustration with red cat by Alyona Shilina

Red cat in the hat funny drawing

And his new friends)))

Red cat and bats halloween drawing

Which illustration from this Halloween collection do you like more???




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