Custom Sweatshirts

Order your unique cute Sweatshirt!

Pre-Order is open until January 15th

All orders will be shipped on February 1st

- You can order a custom Sweatshirt with any of my illustrations!
- More then 30 different colors
- 100% Organic cotton
- High quality direct print


Adult models:

1. "Changer" (unisex)

Price: 52 euros

Adult custom sweatshirts by Alyona Shilina2. "Cruiser" (unisex)

Price: 59 euros

Custom hoody by Alyona Shilina

Kids models:

1. "Mini Changer"

Price: 37 euros


Kids Cuestom Sweatshirt by Alyona Shilina2. "Mini Scouter"

Price: 37 euros

Kids custom sweatshirt without hood by Alyona Shilina

3. "Mini Cruiser"

Price: 44 euros

Kids custom hoody by Alyona Shilina

+ shipping cost

Payment could be by PayPal or Bank Transfer

Contact me to get more details and place an order: